Guernica in Stockholm and the Swedish art of solidarity with Spain (2023)

4-5 diciembre 2023 (Instituto cervantes de Estocolmo)
– Juan Manuel Bonet “Perpignan, Toulouse, Paris: cities of the Spanish art exile”
– Miguel Cabañas “Picasso, and his support to the Spanish exiled artist” (video)
– Per Lindblom, “Berner the Swedish anarquist and his work for the artists in concentration camps”
– Javier Campillo, The exile in Picasso´s Paris of Spanish artists (1939-1944). Carles Fontseré.”

5-6 diciembre 2023 (Waldemarsudde Museum)
– Amanda Herold: «Picasso, of the Spanish artistic exile (a multifaceted support)».
– Genoveva Tusell: «Guernica’s travels, including his two visits to Stockholm (1938, 1956).»
– Cecilia Widenheim: «Swedish artists in solidarity with Republican Spain.»
– Michel Lefebvre-Peña: «Martí Bas, Mariano-Miguel Montañés and Robert Capa, together with Picasso.»